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tting a massage by some candles

Therapeutic Massage

A therapeutic massage is a great way to reduce stress and muscle pain in the body. Houston Outcall Massage Relax Zone provides many healing massage options, including options for athletes. One of our most popular types of massage is the Swedish massage, which is a reliable mainstay with a long history of usage. This uses a series of specialized strokes to relax you, and it is the foundation for other types of massage, with pressure varying from light to firm depending on your preference.

We offer a range of massages aimed to meet various needs. A pregnancy massage can help with an aching back or other parts of the body. We avoid the legs and feet to prevent blood clots, and we avoid pressure points to prevent causing undue strain. Your body is under a lot of stress during pregnancy, and a massage will give you some much-needed relief. We also offer a fibromyalgia massage to relieve pain by rubbing the joints, tendons, and ligaments that often ache during flare-ups.


Therapeutic massage involves much more than just rubbing and kneading the shoulders. Our professional massage therapists know exactly how to address your needs and achieve ultimate relief and relaxation. Contact us today to learn more about our services and set up an appointment in the Houston, TX, area!

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