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Fasciablaster massage on calf

FasciaBlaster Massage

A FasciaBlaster massage targets your fascia, which is a connective tissue that holds muscles, bones, and even organs in place inside your body. There are four different kinds of fascia in our bodies: structural fascia, inter-structural fascia, visceral fascia, and spinal fascia. The structural fascia sits just below the skin, and this is what we target during your full body massage at Houston Outcall Massage Relax Zone.

This massage loosens the fascia, allowing it to move more. FasciaBlasting offers numerous benefits, including reducing the appearance of cellulite, improving joint pain, increasing blood flow, improving soft tissue pain, and even reducing fat in stubborn areas such as love handles. It is a natural form of body-contouring through massage!

Our expert fascia therapist will perform a custom massage with the FasciaBlaster and use deep tissue massage techniques for your body. We will address the fascia over the hips and flexors, upper back, shoulders, neck, stomach, and legs. This helps with alignment and structural issues, loosens chronic muscle tension, and releases pressure off nerves. Our goal is to help you feel good and love your body. If you want to smooth away cellulite and slim your body, this non-invasive treatment is the perfect solution for you. Schedule your FasciaBlaster or lymphatic drainage massage today in the Houston, TX area.

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